Top 5 tips when custom printing logos onto Sportswear

1. Keep it simple

Although it is now possible to print fine detail onto garments and sportswear, generally it is recommended to keep logo designsrelatively simple in order for them to standout and become memorable. Tops brands such as Nike and Adidas are examples of successful companies using a simple logo design.

2. Choose functional clothing

With advancements in personalisation techniques specialist companies can now custom print onto a wide range of clothing including Body WarmersSports Jackets and Performance Polo & T-Shirts. So depending on the type of business or Sports Club, customers can choose printable clothing which is both functional and comfortable. For instance a Personal Trainer may prefer to wear a Sports Performance polo shirt as opposed to a cotton top and a Tennis Coach a Body Warmer over a standard coat.

3. Select the right Colours

It’s really important that your logo contrasts well with the clothing it is printed onto. Therefore if your logo is predominately dark a lighter coloured T-shirt or Polo will help to make it standout.  Another option is to select coloured clothing which compliment your logo e.g. if your logo is predominately orange you could purchase a black shirt with an orange stripe down the sleeve.

4. Print Position

Logos can now be printed onto various positions including sleeves and legs of jog pants. Deciding where to position your logo is very much down to the design of the logo itself. Logos which can be enlarged and include wording, may sit well on the back of garments with small logos without text positioning well onto sleeves.

5. Printing Options

Vinyl, digital, Sublimation and Screen are the most popular options available. At this point cost becomes a consideration, if you are looking for a large quantity of garments to be printed i.e. over 50, screen printing may be the option as the setup charge can be offset against each item making it more economical. For smaller runs and to reproduce simple logos standard vinyl printing tends to be the print option of choice. With more detailed logo designs of smaller runs suited to vinyl digital printing.  

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